About Apostle Le' Rance De Vaughn Wilkerson

Entrepreneur and evangelist, Apostle Le’Rance D. Wilkerson began fulfilling his call to the ministry in 1990 by founding Lights of the World Outreach Ministries, an evangelistic ministry drawing from the three major faiths: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. In 1998, in a small VFW building in the city of Houma, LA. with only 10 members, he established himself as a champion for change in the “church as usual” philosophy and the membership quickly grew to over 300.

Now, more than 18 years later, he now leads S.E.A.L. Covenant Ministries International, a nation wide non-profit evangelical ministry that sponsors the Link The Kingdom Ministerial Alliance that addresses the need for dissolving religious barriers and traditions that alienate rather than transform the lives of believers and non-believers alike.

Apostle Wilkerson was born August 3, 1967 to Cornelius Woods an advocate for at-risk youth and Beverly Johnson an English and French major, to whom although they never married, their son credits his desire for change, discipline and self-reliance.

In 1986 Apostle Wilkerson joined the United States Navy which would become the catalyst and solidify the framework for what would later become Soldiers of Encouragement Armed with Logos (S.E.A.L.) Covenant Ministries and The Kingdom Training Academy which provides specialized training in the Word of God and results based evangelism.

After leaving Corporate America in 2002, Apostle Wilkerson took his administrative talents and energetic sales and marketing prowess to the small church communities. Apostle Wilkerson is the CEO of Covenant Consulting, Ltd. which provides virtual office support and consultation for small faith-based businesses with less than $1 M operating capital. In addition, he served as the COO for Genesis Outreach Development, a faith-based organization that assists at-risk youth in states custody in the East Nashville community.

Apostle L.D. Wilkerson has been called the “Uncommon messenger to common people”. Apostle Wilkerson has been “called” to troubled communities and the people that live in them across the country. The drug addict, the drug dealer, the pimp and the prostitute, those shunned by most church leaders, are his audience. His no holds barred approach has been criticized by mainstream religious leaders as he dares to go where they don’t, say what they won’t, and do what they can’t.

Apostle L.D. Wilkerson and his wife Lady Sarah currently reside in Goodlettsville, TN where he serves as the founder and General Overseer of S.E.A.L. Covenant Ministries International.

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